The ADMCi Foundation

The American Design and Master-Craft Initiative


The ADMCi Foundation for Master Practitioners is a mission-driven entity established to identify, curate, promote, and responsibly build a meaningful world. We are doing so by reinvigorating master-craftsmanship as an engine for sustained and uniquely valuable growth. The ADMCi network provides a platform and legal entities for achieving these goals.


"If all you make is money, you make nothing."
--Jim Jacoby

One long, black line marks the 'track' to set a land-speed record on the salt flats in Bonneville, Utah. It runs for over ten miles.

No small gesture, Jim Jacoby and Scott Miller will be riding this line for record speeds on the Bienville Legacy, the first commission completed with the ADCMi Foundation. The commission--at least on one level--is designed to turn the history of motorcycle design on its head. But, longer term--and perhaps more importantly--it is a statement on investment itself. 

If you believe you can invest in something... or donate to an organization... or endow a charity... and that your action somehow solves a problem or betters the world... think again. Investors without appropriate personal risk have unraveled the meaning that was once built into an economy that made things. We are hungry for a return to meaning.

So, if in one commission we are to undertake affecting the history of motorcycle design, dramatically improving the motorcycle industry, and leveraging that experience to expand design languages across industries and media, the guys at the root of this audacious goal had better have their butts on the line. 


This summer, we will. We're out to go 200+mph on a 400lb., 300+hp, 4-cylinder monster of artistic and engineering triumph. 

Though neither has attempted anything like this before, they are no strangers to the risks inherent in motorcycles or this type of investment. Jim and Scott are fully aware of what this task means to them and their families. That's the whole point.

If you too would like to eliminate the what-if's in your life, let us curate a commission tailored for you.

"Courage is choice."
--Scott Miller