The ADMCi Foundation

The American Design and Master-Craft Initiative


The ADMCi Foundation for Master Practitioners is a mission-driven entity established to identify, curate, promote, and responsibly build a meaningful world. We are doing so by reinvigorating master-craftsmanship as an engine for sustained and uniquely valuable growth. The ADMCi network provides a platform and legal entities for achieving these goals.

Generating Real Value

Return on Investment (ROI)

It's important that every dollar return value, especially when you stand for those who make things... not just those who make money. Here's how we keep ourselves on track.

There are many ways to participate. We're building educational programs, complementary products, and a range of donation options. We look forward to when and where you can jump in!

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Every commission is held to a rigorous standard of returns. The following four categories are tracked throughout the life of a commission (and beyond) to prove the value in your investment. Ultimately, these returns feed the overall ecosystem that is The ADMCi.

  • Intellectual Property (IP)
    Every commission must generate engaging, valuable content. In most cases, universal design principles appear in our educational materials, books, documentaries, and traveling museum exhibits. In spreading the message and value of master-craftsmanship, the most powerful tool we have is found in the very human stories we uncover and the meaningful actions we can generate as a result.
    > Course Catalog
    > A Life Well-Crafted book
    The Life Well-Lived community
    > Tempus Veritas Revelat documentary
    > Universal Principles of Design exhibit 
  • Patents
    Every commission must be likely to generate some form of unique intelligence or insight. Often, at the outside, exactly what that unique insight might be is obscure. But, just like a moonshot, taking on the audacious will generate the practical. After all, if we hadn't attempted to go to the moon, we might not have generated velcro, ballpoint pens, and Tang. Similarly, we'd like to go further into the heart of a craftsman and see what we might generate along the way.
    > See Bienville Legacy Commission patents
  • Bills of Material (BOM)
    The complex projects undertaken by a Grand Master-Craftsman are multi-layered and typically made by hand. Once they are completed, they may be refined for efficiencies or re-use in manufacturing or mass-production. In some cases these opportunities are found during the design process. In others, they're only visible after the fact. No craftsman is held to design-for-manufacture (DFM), but ADMCi is held to finding efficiencies that might benefit a broader audience and to responsibly leverage their financial return for the benefit of the overall initiative.
  • Curated Objects
    The actual objects created as the result of a commission are often on par with the highest-value collections available in the market. In some cases, these objects will be made available for sale or auction to an elite group of buyer/curators. Only those deeply enmeshed in the goals of master-craftsmanship are offered this opportunity and it is planned that in purchasing a commission's output, it will continue to be shared with the world.

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Our educational programs are rooted in what we refer to as the 'Latin root language' of all great design. Simply put: User-centered design. These programs support initiatives in Design Thinking, Disruptive Design, Corporate Innovation, Experience Design, Service Design, Product Design and much more. We focus on the 'who' and 'why' first, before diving into the 'what' and 'how.' 

  • Lives Enriched
    Over the duration of our public, partnered, and corporate programs, we have educated, trained, and enlightened over 1,000 individuals in face-to-face experiential learning environments. All education includes exposure to principles in master-craftsmanship and highlights how to design best for the human condition.
  • Businesses Elevated
    Each corporate program we deliver advances a company's path toward customer-focused maturity, a crucial six-part measure in evaluating how well a company understands and delivers for its customers. Along the way, we help establish customer-focused centers of excellence (COEs) and cross-train all levels of a business to better execute on emotional intelligence initiatives that strength financial and intellectual intelligence.
  • Jobs Created/Skills Transitioned
    Our public classes typically cross-train or re-train those looking to advance in their current career or shift to a new career. For instance, project managers become product managers or graphic designers become user-experience designers. The net result is a larger population of highly skilled professionals prepared for a rapidly changing work environment.