The ADMCi Foundation

The American Design and Master-Craft Initiative


The ADMCi Foundation for Master Practitioners is a mission-driven entity established to identify, curate, promote, and responsibly build a meaningful world. We are doing so by reinvigorating master-craftsmanship as an engine for sustained and uniquely valuable growth. The ADMCi network provides a platform and legal entities for achieving these goals.

A New Ethos

For master-craftsmen of every genre, innovation happens when we focus on the human condition first. 

We hold these truths to be self-evident...

1. that Business value is built on serving people first.

The final frontier for differentiation and market advantage will be driven by how well you serve people. Whether you make a digital product, aggregate data or manufacture a component, fundamental success will be judged by how well your business serves the people you touch.

2. that Efficient and responsible systems persist.

The best systems are highly efficient and self-regulated. In an environment where we can help you create or disrupt entire markets overnight, the strongest predictor of success will be built-in responsibility to market participants.

3. that The best innovations make us more human.

An innovation of the highest order makes us better people, makes it more likely we will do good, makes us connect in more meaningful ways... These are the innovations that will endure in a business environment differentiated by empathy.

4. that Transparency in balance creates clarity.

Revealing something about your customer or competitor requires a fair exchange. We instinctively seek fairness in these trade-offs. When designed well, relationships grow and brand position gets stronger.

5. that The most effective technologies go unseen.

Brilliant design results in an intuitive experience. You don't think about the object or the interaction. Whatever we build must meet this standard, even as we break down old metaphors that seem most comfortable or proven.

6. that Learning is the only path to meaningful change.

We all seek to learn about the world around us. The experiences you offer the world should improve understanding in some way. When done right, knowledge is gained without effort and advanced as a result of the interaction.

7. that Character precedes culture.

Culture is an outcome. Personal responsibility is an obligation. When addressed consciously, even if off-the-mark from time to time, our broader experience will improve at cultural and societal levels.