The ADMCi Foundation

The American Design and Master-Craft Initiative


The ADMCi Foundation for Master Practitioners is a mission-driven entity established to identify, curate, promote, and responsibly build a meaningful world. We are doing so by reinvigorating master-craftsmanship as an engine for sustained and uniquely valuable growth. The ADMCi network provides a platform and legal entities for achieving these goals.

Our Vision

Celebrating process and progress in the 21st century through an ethos of master-craftsmanship.

  • Prompt a new discussion about the traditional design and development process and its critical relationship to craft and quality in the digital age.
  • Demonstrate through the example of carefully chosen commission projects, how the successful blending of traditional, time-proven techniques with digital technology can revolutionize how products are designed, built and marketed.
  • Revive apprenticeships that will encourage and enable gifted young people to experience and pursue a life of working with both one’s hands and one’s mind.
  • Celebrate gifted individuals and small teams who achieve levels of aesthetic, technological and commercial success commensurate with large corporations without the smothering effects of inbred corporate structure or manipulation from the financial sector.
  • Explore the possibilities for creating a sustainable network of designers, entrepreneurs and sympathetic funding sources leading to the creation of a sustainable network of high quality technological services in support of cottage industries better suited to the 21st Century post-industrial environment. 

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