The ADMCi Foundation

The American Design and Master-Craft Initiative


The ADMCi Foundation for Master Practitioners is a mission-driven entity established to identify, curate, promote, and responsibly build a meaningful world. We are doing so by reinvigorating master-craftsmanship as an engine for sustained and uniquely valuable growth. The ADMCi network provides a platform and legal entities for achieving these goals.

Scott Miller and Jim Jacoby, Co-Founders and ISO's

Scott Miller and Jim Jacoby, Co-Founders and ISO's

What are you built for?

We celebrate those with the courage to take action.

The ADMCi Foundation is reinvigorating master-craftsmanship as an engine for sustained and uniquely valuable growth. We identify, curate, and promote courageous people with remarkable capabilities to build value across industries and audiences.

Jim Jacoby and Scott Miller, two extraordinary entrepreneurs, are the driving force behind ADMCi. Jacoby from digital roots and Miller from the roots of manufacturing, both are dedicated to building an organization to improve the world around us.

Their commitment to this vision is extraordinary, first exemplified by lifting a master designer named JT Nesbitt to new levels. He has achieved industry-changing impact in design and craftsmanship through the commission and completion of the Bienville Legacy Motorcycle. And, because their vision of investment requires total commitment, Jacoby and Miller are personally riding these superbikes for land-speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

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Pagani Automobili

Catch the Bienville Legacy visiting the supercar pits at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The Pagani Huayra supercar is highlighted in a video produced for this epic weekend.

Meet the Bienville Legacy

Three concept bikes are complete and are setting the standard for an entirely new paradigm in design, engineering, and performance. The results -- in museum galleries and highway speed-runs across the country -- speak for themselves. 

  • The most luxurious, sophisticated engineering of its kind
  • Aerospace-grade materials manipulated as old-world master-craft 
  • Titanium, carbon-fiber, hand-tooled leather, mahogany details
  • 1650cc (100ci) liquid-cooled V4 engine* producing 185hp 
    *super-charger kit and tuning redefines performance at over 300hp
  • Personal fitting and custom geometries

balancing Strength & beauty

Simply reflecting on craftsmanship rejuvenates the soul. Executing at a master's level is sublime. We celebrate the rare few who achieve these goals...